Talent Strategy

To make each staff plays his/her proper role on the respective post, the company deepens Human Resource Management (HRM), makes great efforts to foster a favorable climate for attracting more talents to come and establishes a personnel mechanism of openness, fairness, impartiality and competition and selection of the excellent ones. We firmly believe that the essence of HRM is to satisfy both consumers and stuff.
        We firmly believe: as a successful enterprise, it must firstly work out a long term plan and establish objective and mission, and then determine the method to realize the plan, and finally gain staff’s approval and willing to strive for them.
        The company has established a perfect performance appraisal system. By using job descriptions obtained through job analysis, HR department clearly defines staff’s responsibilities and determines the staff’s objective or task; through position evaluation, HR department estimates and judges the relative value of the post to establish Compensation &Benefit structure and policy, so that the stuff could have clearly salary expectations.
        We provide staff with a sustainable development space because the capacity of rapid adaption to the new commercial environment is very important for individual and company to succeed. Our company actively supports sustainable development and supply sufficient opportunities to stuff so that they can improve their adaptability and benefit from variations. We expect all staff to actively devote into their work to face prolonged challenge of the department. To make staff take their creativity and initiative to great extent, the company manages to balance responsibility and authority and arrange specific persons more close to their work to be responsible for both of them.
        We persistently pursue long term object and find lots of methods to solve difficulties in the course of realizing the object. In addition to perseverance, the staff should possess qualities of innovation, far sightedness and more stronger abilities so that they could enjoy a long run development in this ever-changing word.